She Lit a Fire


I will be going to Long Beach tomorrow! Tomorrow, November 22, 2019, marks the start of Sagittarius season! We leave the watery realms of the scorpion to enter the fiery territories of the archer. I was supposedly born during the Cusp of Prophecy. Additionally, my (natal) Pisces Moon is also in the 9th house, which is traditionally ruled by Sagittarius. The new moon in Sagittarius awaits us this coming Tuesday, November 26, 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 9.07.24 PM
Cusp of Prophecy (December 18 – 24): Even if you’re born on or near a cusp, when you run your birth chart your sun sign will fall in one of the two signs – pay attention to the degrees.

Now, here’s a response to a question I’ve been asked often- Do you ever run out of writing topics? The answer is no. I have heaps of journals filled with prompts, questions, and philosophical wanderings and explorations. These journals are also filled with thoughts that I feel shouldn’t be shared on public cyberspace. My little journals are inspired by the likes of Frida Kahlo, Anais Nin, and Joan Didion. In addition to the cues in my journals, I think my writing (particularly my blog writing) is never detailed nor well-researched enough. I believe I can write an entire post about almost every sentence that I write. I can break down the sentence to its components, clearly define each item while citing sources/influences, then connect them to the bigger picture of life. Aside from work (which takes up most of my days) there are days, I wish I could spend my entire days simply researching (in a humanities kind of way) and writing. Then there are other days that I would prefer to go off the grid and hike a mountain, hang out with a cute guy, spend time with a friend, or simply engage with the world in a playful manner and make space for the questions to brew. Today was one of those days – the playful kind. Hence, why I have nothing particularly thoughtful to share.

Images from my journals:

Art piece displayed in my journal by: @Yarminiah (



I’ll finish this off, by sharing one of my favorite songs, She Lit a Fire by Lord Huron, which is oddly perfect for Sagittarius season. I re-found it while taking the photographs of my journals above.

Where could that girl have gone?
Where? I’ve wandered far
Where could that girl have gone?
She left no trail, but I cannot fail; I will find her
She lit a fire, and now she’s in my every thought

She Lit a Fire, Lord Huron