Break Down the Complex

Set a timer for 30 minutes to frolic in this magic. Life without sweat and sun doesn’t make sense to me. Sweat + sun = focus, productivity, calmness.

It’s 12:46 AM here in San Diego and I just climbed into my bed. Done with my work day! I believe that the human experience is inherently complex, multi-colored, and paradoxical. Yesterday after reading my Enneagram, I was in a state of intrigue. Much of what I was reading reminded me of information I had found in other systems. For example, my type 5 enneagram remind me of my 7 personality number in numerology, my natal 6th house stellium in Tropical/Western astrology, and my G-Centered Projector-hood in Human Design. All of these systems have used similar descriptions in describing my personality, they’re all just using different jargon.  After all, aren’t all systems an attempt to make a largely complex reality simpler and easier to digest? Systems are a language of their own.

Since systems are attempting to make complex realities easier to comprehend, they’re all inherently limited. This is the reason why no one system will ever get anything always right. A good system will describe or portray something accurately most of the time. A great system will not only describe or portray something accurately most of the time, but it will also spark a curiosity – awaken a desire to ask questions, to dig deeper, to seek further. Certainty is death, remember? Seeker, take your pick! Find the system(s) that most appeal(s) to your senses and embark on a journey of discovery that’ll help you make sense of (y) our cosmology and ontology. And in the process, don’t forget to add a couple of dashes of epistemology. How can we learn to differentiate between an opinion and a justified belief? How do they (/we) know? What is right and wrong (for my human experience)? What is evidence?