Natural Cycles: Void Creation

Witchcraft in Salem

“On March 1, 1692, Salem, Massachusetts authorities interrogated Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and an Indian slave, Tituba, to determine if they indeed practiced witchcraft. So began the infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Over the following months, more than 150 men and women in and around Salem were jailed on charges of exercising “Certaine Detestable Arts called Witchcrafts & Sorceryes.” Nineteen people, including five men, were eventually convicted and hanged on Gallows Hill; and an additional male suspect was pressed to death. Others died in prison. Today they are seen as victims of a tragic mistake.” {Source}

contemplative pain
I speak telepathy – Cosmic Cleopatra: Lifting the veil to find the force of unshakable protection. For a moment, I’m able to observe the encasing of my energetic body. “You can’t be reached.” They say. “We have you in a fortress. Lay down to rest – we are doing on your behalf.” I observe the forces that protect me experience an intense attack. “They don’t understand  – your strength is cosmic in nature.” I then observe myself in the middle of a room at the top of the fortress. I’m laying on a table surrounded by some of my most powerful ancestors.: Witches, Shamans, Shapeshifters. “Seer awaken!” They yell. My eyes open to their widest possibility. “Walk through the Earth as if you can see right through.” They say. “Millenia worth of strength flow through you. Prepare for a windfall. Don’t be afraid to be seen. Keep your words close to you and use them as needed. Don’t engage in energetic warfare unless it’s of the utmost necessity.  Your words are loaded with the forces of nature. We’ve protected you with the energy of the boomerang. Walk with the knowledge of the thousands in your lineage. They who come against you will only enter an energetic pocket of confusion. Let the ocean be your guide.”
ocean power
Bathing in Strength. Story to be continued…

“A witch is many things: the medicine woman, the slut, the one without children, the activist, the outcast; the witch has always lived and will always live. A witch is a healer, a woman in tune with her sexuality, someone who works with the Earth, anyone who abides by her own rules. Very often, witches were the protestors, the catalysts, the ones calling for justice and using all their tools, physical and otherwise, to create change. A witch has always been someone who refuses to abide by the societal constructs of the time. She is an outsider, rooted in her own decisiveness; the witch has always been a threat.” {Source}