Flowing in a Winter Wonderland

I arrived to my hotel around 10:30PM. Denver accumulated between 10-15 inches of snow overnight. When I awakened it was about 5:30AM. I looked out the window into what were supposed to be the Rockies that were entirely invisible due to the low visibility conditions. I got ready to head to the clinic by 8:30AM. Fifteen minutes prior to leaving, my site alerted me that that the clinic was closed and the visit had to be rescheduled. I spent the morning polishing off my reports and finished off whatever work was remaining. Then, I met up with Nick. For what it’s worth, it took me 45 minutes to dig my car out from under the snow! Road conditions weren’t too terrible – I think the issue was the snow accumulation – it was a large amount of snow fall overnight (It might just be my inner former upstate New Yorker talking). Cleaning snow off my car brought me an immense amount of joy. I’d like to think I felt that way because I knew that by the end of the night I’d be back in sunny San Diego.

Nick and I wanted to go to the art museum, but it was closed. A lot of facilities were closed. We ended up going to the Aquarium since it was the only indoor facility that was open amidst the weather conditions. I recorded the jellyfish video above while at the Aquarium.  Did you know that the Denver Aquarium has tigers in it? I’m not sure how healthy it is for tigers to inhabit in a small Aquarium – so I was ethically torn. However, I must admit I was also in a state of awe. Marah (the tiger pictured below) along with his brothers Jalan and Besar are the oldest male Sumatran tigers in the United States. Nick and I spent the majority of our time around the tiger. Marah was strong – when he walked his muscles were visible. He would pace around his space container and move around while occasionally sitting to self-clean. It was fascinating to watch him – many of his mannerisms were reminiscent of Swami, the black cat that I live with.

DA Tiger
Marah, Sumatran Tiger, Denver Aquarium

Nick and I took a break and had lunch. I’ve mentioned Nick on this blog before – there are not enough words in my vocabulary to express how grateful I am for him. Nick has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. He’s a brilliant individual with a strong follow-through game. I admire him and I’m beyond glad that he came into my life. As I’ve expressed before, his presence has been very healing for me. Seeing him is always a delight. We had lunch, saw the tiger once more, then I headed to the airport to fly back to San Diego.

Gratitude. I’m currently sitting at the San Diego airport waiting for a flight heading to San Francisco. Given that it’s Thanksgiving (in the US), I’m looking back at the past year with a deep sense of gratitude. It’s been a long road to get here – and an even longer, but exciting road lies ahead. Today I’m grateful that I have been given another breath. Another day as an embodied soul.  Looking forward to spending the next few days in the Bay are with Nicole. I haven’t been to San Francisco since 2017! It’s been a while. If you’re reading this today, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. It’s my hope that you have a beautiful day regardless of where in the world you might be!

Adventure Time NW Edition
Adventure Time – Nick and Wanda edition: Nick eating a gator and shrimp taco. “I don’t like that photo. My hair looks like a fish tail.” (Nick)