Hope you’ve all had/are having a lovely holiday! It’s been quite a relaxing day on my end and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. My day is ending with a beautiful surprise – my favorite Christmas gift. Anyone whom is really close to me knows that my favorite film, well, film trilogy, is the Before Series: Before Sunrise (1995), Before Sunset (2004), and Before Midnight (2013) by Richard Linklater. These films made quite the impression on me and I have yet to find a new favorite film/film series!

I understood that the films were based on a real-life encounter Richard Linklater had with a woman in Philadelphia. Her name was Amy Lehrhaupt.

Linklater met Lehrhaupt in fall 1989, when he was visiting his sister in Philadelphia. He was 29 and had just finished shooting Slacker, and was staying there for one night while passing through on the way home from New York. Lehrhaupt was several years younger, about 20. They met in a toy shop, and ended up spending the whole night together, “from midnight until six in the morning,” “walking around, flirting, doing things you would never do now.” As in Before Sunrise, most of what they did was talk, “about art, science, film, the gamut.” Did they kiss? Yes. Did they have sex? The Times went so far as to ask Linklater in a recent interview, but he said he wants to “leave a little mystery.” The Real Couple Behind Before Sunrise, 

As I was watching It’s a Wonderful Life, my friend Ivanna texted me asking me if I knew the backstory of Before Sunrise. I told her that I was familiar with it. In true Ivanna fashion (she is always sharing the most interesting stuff with me), she shared a video with me. In this video, Jeff Rowan, shared a little bit about Amy’s life. This made my Christmas and filled my heart with an incredible amount of joy. I had no idea that someone had actually looked a little more into Amy’s life. Watching this provided me with some sort of closure.  Here it is!

I’ve said this before on this blog and I’ll say it again: all of our lives have an expiry date. Because of this Truth (upper case T truth), we have to commit ourselves to LIVE. Daily.