First Quarter

beauty 1

In 2017, I steered away from Bikram and started exploring other Asana practices. During my explorations, I encountered Vinyasa (including heated Vinyasa!), Yin, Ashtanga, and Kundalini. As I continued to show up to my curiosities, I started to realize that little by little there were major shifts occurring within: I started to be less afraid of looking in the mirror, less afraid of sitting in front row of the class, less afraid of more form fitting outfits. The truth is that all of that stuff that would often preoccupy my mind no longer mattered as much. What truly mattered was the joy that I felt every time I moved my body. Who knew that was possible?

Today, the moon is in it’s first quarter. My life feels both full and balanced. And for that I am beyond grateful. As the days pass by, little pieces are weaving themselves together and creating a beautiful greater whole. I’ve been feeling a lot more joy. A lot more hope. A lot more peace. I’m taking every second to truly live in – in the moment, in a non-hedonistic way. In a mindful way.

I’ve been softly reflective, too. On my walks to yoga, a lot of memories often cross my mind. As I move my body – in yoga, running, or workouts – little by little I am able to make sense of the past few years, particularly the past five. I’m grateful for the ability to slow down.

Next week I’ll be in Nevada, Montana, and Idaho. Believe it or not, I’m not dreading it because I’ll get to stick to the West Coast! If I can save myself 5 hours of flying and a couple of time zone hops – I’m a happy girl! I’m also particularly excited because Montana will be state #46/50 for me. After I visit Montana, all I will have left of the United States is Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. If the 17 year old version of me, would get a glimpse of what she was about to become – she would not believe it. It’s both a miracle and a waking dream. Truly, truly, grateful to be here.