Off the Ledge

It was my intention to get to the airport early so that I had time to write this post. I got to the airport early, but it involved a bit of an adventure. I’ve been a jet-setter for 4 years. I used to be based out of Rochester, NY and I’m now based out of San Diego, CA (airport code SAN) .My work involves around 80% travel. I’ve seen my fair share of travel woes, but hadn’t quite experienced one like today.

I always park at WallyPark in the San Diego airport. Today as I was being dropped off at the curb by the shuttle, I noticed that they had given my luggage to the customers that had been previously dropped off! If you’ve never flown via SAN, there are 2 terminals: Southwest (Terminal 1) and the other airlines (Terminal 2). These customers were flying via Southwest and today I’m flying Delta. The shuttle driver returned to the Southwest terminal in search of the people whom he had just dropped off. Eventually, he found them and gave them their luggage. Except – they no longer had my bag – they had checked it! As life would have it, the driver was able to work something out and retrieve my bag in time for me to catch my flight. Good thing I came early! A special thank you to the airport officer whom kept me updated throughout the process. You’re the real deal, sir! (So glad this isn’t LAX – just sayin’!) Off to Idaho Falls then Denver.

Now…about this past weekend.

This was one of the best weekends I’ve had in San Diego. I landed from Detroit on Thursday night. On Friday, I spent most of my day working on my reports and ended the day at my friend’s birthday party in Encinitas. The crowd was to die for! The room was filled with a collection of eclectic individuals from all walks of life. From card readers to therapists to bartenders to reiki masters to musicians to teachers to world travelers to business people. One thing was clear – I had entered people heaven. I worked my way around the room and engaged in enlivening conversations that were enriching to my soul. By the end of the night, I had made a new friend and we have plans to get brunch upon my return!

Cacao. On Saturday night, I participated in a Cacao ceremony. I had participated in one before, and didn’t have any particular expectations going into this one. And I’m so glad that was the case. As I took in the herbal medicine, my heart chakra received both healing and clearing. The card that I chose for the ceremony was JOY. JOY wanted to have full permission from me to enter my life. As the evening progressed, we got lost in song, bliss, and pleasure! I also made a new friend that happens to live down the street from me! She recently moved to Carlsbad Village from Valley Center and is looking to make new friends. She also loves to hike!

On Saturday night, he came over. Earlier that night, after the ceremony, I had mentally pushed myself to one of my anxiety ledges and with a matter of 3 sentences he was able to bring me back down to the ground. Choice and agency are always ours. One of the quickest ways I know if I can trust someone or not, it’s if I can easily fall asleep next to them. Ever since the first time he had slept over, I had fallen asleep with ease. He has such an incredible grounding presence. And it’s also someone who is deeply aware of their energy and how to control it. When I woke up next to him the next morning and saw him peacefully sleeping, I suddenly became worried. Watching him so peaceful, reminded me of death and the fragility of life.  I hope he stays safe. I wished. For however long he stays in my life, I’m glad that he has come into it. He’s helped me view men differently as well as self-control and clear communication. He’s really good at regulating his emotions and even better at clearly expressing his needs, annoyances, and desires. I’m fascinated and intrigued. He’s also managed to help re-introduce me to my ability to experience pleasure in my body. And that’s always unforgettable. He respects me. I feel it.

Yesterday (Sunday), I drove up to LA to meet up with my friend who just moved here! We spent the day catching up, apartment hunting for her, then we ended the day with a great meal in Long Beach. I’ve been her mentor for a few years now and I’m incredibly proud of all she’s accomplished. I was simply just a guide – she’s the one that put in all the hustle. Thank you for seeing my potential and not giving up on me. She says. I respond: You are the embodiment of “It works if you work it!” We shared a laugh. Miley made the west coast move she was craving. Broke into industry! And continues to shine. Now she’s the one mentoring others! It’s always a win in my book when people I help guide flourish into the goddesses they were always meant to be. She’s shining bright like a diamond and this is only the beginning.

Here’s to another week of travel, adventure, work, and stories!