Both my phone and computer asked for upgrades in a two-week timespan. Up until now, I still had my first iPhone – the 5 SE! Last week, the time to upgrade arrived. I fall under the category of humans that doesn’t upgrade their technology until it reaches an endpoint. Today, I’ll be sharing some videos and photos from my iPhone 11 Pro. I am shocked by the camera quality. I’ll have to learn how to use it properly! None of the photos/videos shared below are filtered nor edited.


All videos were taken on 02-Dec-2019 a day after I returned home after the Bay Area! Note: When viewing the videos below, click on the letters HD, which will enable the HD quality.


Post-flight grounding: Personally leads to less anxiety, clearer focus, and an increased ability to manage emotions.
Nicholas (Nick): a fellow Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon. Photograph taken in Denver, CO on 05-Dec-2019. Time is everything to me. It could be because I have six natal planets in Capricorn or it could also be because I travel 80% of the time. One of the many ways I maximize my time while traveling is by having one meal a day or only one large meal a day and smaller snacks during other meal times. This photo was taken at lunch/dinner prior to me flying back to San Diego. A shoutout to Nick for driving 40 minutes (from across town) to have lunch/dinner with me near the airport! Coincidentally, Nick is also a masterful time manager 😉 Neptunian dreams combined with ruthless efficiency. Some people you meet are just pure gold ❤
Nick 2
Nicholas (Nick). Photograph taken in Denver, CO on 05-Dec-2019. This was Nick’s favorite photo of himself of all the ones I took!
Holiday Party Season: Denim Dress Edition, San Diego, California. Fun fact: When I moved into the place I currently live in, I bought a wardrobe from IKEA. It ended up breaking in the process of me putting it together so I kept the front door mirror piece to serve as my full-length mirror.