Cosmic Weaving

“I’m alright,” I said. “I trust the process.” As I said it, I knew it was true. I trusted the process. Rachel Brathen, To Love and Let Go


I’m making my way to spend the next 24 hours in Oklahoma City. After this, I’ll be mostly sticking to the West Coast. <Sigh of relief> Last night, I went to a Cosmic Vinyasa class and was captivated by the teacher, Chiara. As soon as I saw her, I understood that she was a wisdom keeper. A cuentista. One who has been initiated. A woman who runs with the wolves. The words that she used to describe the sun, Libra, and the season changes were drenched in mysticism, poetry, healing, and truth.

That’s what Libra is all about.” She said. When I heard Libra, my instinct was to flee. My heart wanted to shut down, turn off, and run away. It turned out that someone in the classroom had a birthday last night – a Libra. A Libra living in her light. I welcomed the sensations of sheer panic and with every breath, every move, every pose, it slowly subsided. It was then that I understood that I was led to that particular studio to feel pain and face fear: fear of being suffocated, fear of being taken advantage of, fear of being used, fear of being engulfed, fear of losing myself, fear of merging in love, fear of being seen. 


The sign outside the studio, is a beautiful circle that says Woven We Are. The words in the circle are held by a pair of hands – holding them as if they were the Earth itself. In between the two hands, are leaf adornments as if to signify that we grow interdependently, along side each other. I discovered the yoga studio one day as I was walking towards a coffee shop to get work done. The sign pulled me in and I had a soft, but exciting urge to go see what was inside. I was drawn to the word – woven – since I seek community. When I enter a space of community, I want to feel as if we’re all woven – part of a greater cosmic web. It’s only been two days at this studio, but it feels like it’s been weeks. There are treasures here that I’ve been seeking for my entire life. Herein lies a door to something new. I can feel it slowly bursting though my fingertips. It’s all confirmed by the deep peace I feel in my soul.  As the popular proverb says, When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

This cosmic experience reminds me of the wisdom oracle card I pulled this morning (24) PUEO – Guardian of the Aumakua. What is hidden comes to the light. According to the guidebook, “Amakua, in Hawaiian, refers to ‘venerable ancestors’.” When you pull this card, it is said that divine and cosmic forces, especially your ancestors, are steering you clear of dangerous and difficult situations. Here’s the Hawaiian legend:

“The Hawaiian legend of Pueo tells the story of a man, Oahu, who robbed an owl’s nest. Upon hearing the sadness of the owl’s protest, he was overcome by compassion and returned the precious items to the nest, revering the owl as a sacred creature worthy of respect and protection, honouring her as a divine being. This was considered blasphemous by the ruling law men, and Oahu’s execution was ordered. As the execution was about to take place, owls began began to gather, darkening the skies with their wings, making it impossible for the executioner to see or act- and Oahu walked free, protected by the sacred feminine that he has chosen to protect. 

As spiritual beings we have great power to take this world, to use and exploit the feminine world of soul and nature to suit our own personal agendas. Yet when we honour the soul realm as sacred, protect the feminine and recognize her divinity, we can trust in her generosity and assistance in return. When we forgo disrespect and theft, she will answer us with extraordinary reward. Pueo comes as a reminder that the soul realm of the divine feminine is real, powerfully active and influential in the earthly realm. 

Claim your right to life, and win the spiritual battle by honouring the necessity of your own soul expression. Allow her to use her lethal talon and unparalleled skills in the hunt to locate and destroy any influence that would lead to your demise. (Earth Warriors Oracle Guide Book)”

The teacher, Chiara, was a beautiful embodiment of the divine feminine – as am I – as are you, reader. The divine feminine is collectively craving to be honored and respected by all. Mother Earth herself is crying and yearning for the abuse to stop – How is it that we can live by destroying she who provides and creates? Why do we assume that she’ll always be here? Always be there? Mama Earth and all divine feminine presence is demanding respect and an equal give and take – in many forms and manifestations, from the micro to the macro.

I’ll finish this off by offering you some questions to ponder on: How can I honor the feminine in my life? Feminine doesn’t refer to any particular gender or set of behaviors, but rather an energy: of giving, of softness, of receptivity, of compassion, of empathy. of creativity, of growth. Do you view these as “lesser, weaker, or vulnerable” qualities? How can you view them as vital and equal counterparts to strength? 

On today’s flight, I’ll be reading Brené Brown’s Braving the Wilderness. I can’t wait to get wild within these pages. Hope the day ahead surprises you in lovely ways!