Home Bound

I feel very thankful to be sitting inside the Idaho Falls airport right now. Earlier today, I experienced a traveler’s greatest nightmare: A misplaced wallet. Luckily, after a bit of search it turns out I had left it at the hotel. Just a little tip: Always leave a form of photo ID at home. For example,  when I travel domestically, I leave my passport at home and use my Global Entry ID at the airport. Had I not found my wallet today, I would have extended my stay for a day and would have asked one of my roommates to ship my passport overnight express. Having paper copies of all of your photo ID’s at home is also a great idea. In case you ever need to replace documents, having even a copy of a photo ID can give you a little extra boost beyond your birth certificate and social security card (if you’re a USA citizen).  Other tip: Apple Pay (or some other electronic record of payment information) will also be a huge life and time saver in case you lose your wallet while traveling.

Idaho Falls was supposed to be in the 50s (per a Tuesday evening forecast), but also experienced a bit of snow and a drastic drop of temperature on Wednesday evening.  Though I would have preferred the temperatures in the 50s, the chilly air was the perfect touch to the gorgeous Teton backdrop. I can’t wait to make my way to Jackson, Wyoming!  So I can touch, feel, breathe and step foot on the Tetons. Luckily, the snow didn’t stick and the temperatures weren’t low enough to create really icy roads. Driving was a breeze in comparison to my experience in Montana the previous night.

After finding my wallet, I had lunch at A Street Soup Market and then headed to the airport (to do a bit more work!). I’m currently  waiting to board a flight to Salt Lake City, where I’ll ultimately end up in San Diego. While I’ve been lucky to hop around this beautiful part of the country (and gain a state in the process) for a few days, I’m pretty tired and looking forward to the rest and routines. Also, the ocean. I really miss her.