Taking Flight

San Diego International Airport

I’m currently sitting at the San Diego airport waiting to board a flight. This week I’ll be in Nevada (Las Vegas), Montana (Helena), and Idaho (Idaho Falls). Then I’ll be back home in San Diego on Thursday night. I’m still feeling a sensation of deep serenity – life isn’t perfect, but it’s flowing beautifully, marvelously. Earlier today, when I went to get my full leaf tea, I met an older gentleman that was ridiculously fascinating. He was an opera singer for the San Diego Opera, an actor (has been featured in shows like Criminal Minds), and an Uber/Lyft driver. What most stood out about him was his cheery demeanor and the way his spirit uplifted the room. I then decided to take a lunch break at the beach given that I won’t get to see Mama Ocean until Friday again. At the beach,  someone was playing my lucky song – Toploader’s rendition of Dancing in the Moonlight.

Life is unfolding in magical ways that I couldn’t have predicted. I’m simply following my intuitive hits as they appear on my path. My heart is healing and opening up to all life has to offer all over again. I feel good. I feel excited. Light. Passionate. Airy. The past is now making sense to me and it no longer has a hold on me. I feel free to choose a new path of pleasure without the shackles that once kept me bound me to the ground. I’ve taken flight and I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me.