Cardinal Mutability

“Tú sabes que yo soy real, te lo dije una vez…”

Chris Jeday, J. Balvin, Ozuna, Arcángel

Idaho Falls, Idaho

I am born out of the collision of light and dark. Quite literally – I was born as the sun was bidding the day farewell and dusk was holding space for the arrival of the night. In the liminal bridge – right in between the convergence of two realities: day and night. My dharma in this world is to teach others of the transformative power of death. I use my heavy Saturnian and dreamy Neptunian influences to swim down to the deepest parts of the ocean. In the depths of the underworld, I learn to embody shadows which I carry into the ocean surface to transform into light. When I come across others, I often hear: “Oh – you carry so much light.” It appears that on the surface that light makes everything go in my favor. Yet we all know that shallow surfaces only have the capacity to reflect – a different kind of medicine of illusion, mirrors, and light. “Beware of unearned wisdom.” Carl Jung wrote. This light is a result of battles and romances with the underworld. Intimate dances followed by despairing wars. I am constantly destroyed and recreated – again and again. I learn to embody the darkness, seep in her wise ways, then I’m shattered to pieces to be birthed anew. In my rebirths, I taste the beauty of infinite possibility bounded by the ultimate truth of the embodied human experience: it’s temporary. Pluto introduces us to death, transformation, and rebirth. Jupiter emphasizes the possibility and expansion available in the rebirth. Saturn reminds us that although “anything is possible not everything is probable”; the restriction of death is an indisputable Truth. A seemingly ephemeral restriction given structure by the bounds of Father Time. And so I continue walking on the unpaved path before me – reciting: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” (Ps. 23)

So today I write to remind you:

1. It’s all temporary.
2. The pain, the joy, everything in between – also known as life itself.
3. Every breath is an infinite possibility within the confines of a finite human experience.

It is necessary to know darkness to stand in the splendor of the light. Death and rebirth. Destruction and creation. Dissolution and reconstitution. The cycles of being. There are no shortcuts. The only way out is through.