But if you travel far enough, one day you will recognize yourself coming down to meet yourself. And you will say – yes. Marion Woodman


📍San Diego, California


Mission: To live well by my authentic code.

When I first began this blog, I was lost in the valleys of despair desperately trying to make sense and meaning of my reality. For years, I’d been on a quest to find what Danielle LaPorte calls your core desired feelings  – what Lacy Phillips calls your authentic code. Though I always had difficulty pinning my exact desires down to specifics, I did what I do best: I followed my intuition. In the process of following those magnetic pulls, I found myself in California suddenly unpacking the early life events and circumstances that had led me to detach from my core, from my desires, from my authenticity, from my humanity: ABUNDANCE | BEAUTY | CONNECTION | FREEDOM.  It was then that I came to realize that while travel had provided me with great depth in perception and largely shaped me into whom I’ve become, I was meant to live a life beyond arriving at destinations never to stay. I will always be a traveler. However, I’m no jet setter. Call it my Cancerian Ascendant or my Human Design Projectorhood – I crave home as much as I crave adventure. It is my intent to share the stories and truths that I discover as I continue to transverse these highlands in search for balanced fulfillment. As a writer and storyteller, I invite you to join me as I peel all the layers of my not self, to uncover and share my true self.

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