Today, I’m heart broken.

Today, I grieve.

Today, I hold space for darkness.

While I have seen the power of holding on to hope.

I know and understand the power of accepting the present moment.

I’m trying to remind myself that destruction always precedes creation. It’s the natural cycle. Truth and justice have historically tended toward prevailing. Yet the truth stands that a new era cannot be built upon a foundation of injustice and exploitation. The new won’t reveal itself and won’t become our reality until we collectively come to terms with what is – the present. Right now.

Tonight, my heart and soul ache. I understand action can be taken. I understand that there is value in holding on to visions of a better tomorrow. Yet, you know what has been the most valuable lesson I have learned from processing years trauma at a personal level?

Pain demands to be felt. Pain shows up to show us where we need to pour our compassion. Where we need to go a little deeper. Pain allows us to pause and reflect. It gives us the opportunity to swim beneath the shallows into depths of wisdom.

The only way out is through.

My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg

May Justice Ginsburg’s memory be a blessing.

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