Beach Prayer

Here are some photos from my morning and evening beach escapades this week.

No Lifeguard on Duty, Oceanside, California
Opposite Perspective, Oceanside, California
Nearing Sunset, Solana Beach, California
Kindness on the Sea Bluffs, Solana Beach, California

I was on my way back from the beach (not too long ago), when the Major Lazer’s Havana Maestros version of Lean On (red font links to song) came on my Spotify shuffle. It made me really nostalgic for Puerto Rico. I wanted to spend the last two weeks of 2020  (birthday, Christmas, New Year’s eve) with my family in PR, but it’s not the right thing to do. My grandma has a compromised immune system – it’s irresponsible for me to fly from San Diego > Miami > San Juan. That’s 3 airports and 2 aircrafts – and who knows what restrictions I’ll run into once I land on the island. It’s sad, but hopefully by late 2021 things will have simmered enough for me to go visit.

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