Purva Bhadrapada

I’ve been learning about Vedic astrology in my free-time. I’m currently trying to understand the Nakshatras. My Janma Nakshatra is Purva Bhadrapada, 2nd Pada.

Here’s a bit about the Nakshatra – I found it to be pretty “accurate”.

The most intense of all 27 Nakshatras, Purva Bhadrapada’s nature is extreme, to put it lightly, and profound, to say the least.

This most mysterious, mystical and misunderstood lunar mansion, is where all energy centres are functioning and engaged and the Kundalini is awake and entirely activated.

It’s hard to imagine what that looks like, and the reputation for being an incomprehensibly mysterious enigma of a Nakshatra hasn’t been maintained for no reason. However, there is one distinguishing trait that is both easily perceived and endearingly noticeable, no matter the circumstance. Sincerity is the thread that run’s through the natives of this Nakshatra. Dedication to a cause, or belief, or interest, has met no match, until it has measured up against the commitment observed by these natives. Here we find truly sincere and earnest characters, who are infact displaying the tell-tale signs of a good and strong soul, built on a foundation of healthy karmas from right action and good deeds from previous lives. Here, the soul is usually matured by experience, over many incarnations, and finds itself this time around, being born into a life that does appear to be full of good luck… But also full of discomfort.

Meet the highly intelligent yet impenetrable mind of this magickal rebel – disillusioned by Earthly life but deeply anchored by a strong sense of desire, which is overwhelming to both the native and their loved ones. People with this Nakshatra prominent, particularly as their Ascendant, Moon or even Sun, find themselves deeply moved by energies that stir from a place thats both intimidating in it’s force and strength, but also frightening in its hesitantly pondered origins. There does seem to be more at play here than what one would deem normal, or “human” and the very real forces responsible for this suspicion can empower the individual significantly. What is done with this, is another matter. Great occult achievement is notorious here, spawning figureheads and icons in the esoteric, spiritual and philosophical fields over multiple centuries. The unbelievably relentless and ceaseless drive experienced by Purva Bhadrapada natives may originally manifest as material desire, due to the close association with the Naga Serpent Gods and their luxurious reputation, earned from aeons of basking in all things opulent and indulgent. However, should this be the case – gain in these areas will always be tinged with a weighty and somewhat solemn awareness of the fundamental empty meaninglessness of repeating these pursuits without dipping into the deeper pools now available for the Purva Bhadrapada native to explore. Even if this nagging yearning potential is squashed below waking conscious awareness, with that aforementioned strength and force of willpower!

Instead, a more evolved example of a Purva Bhadrapada native who may have initially been desirous of accumulating endless material wealth, will instead move on to acquiring an intellectual appetite; now chasing a hungry taste for information and answers instead. This can turn out to be a rather long and potentially painful endeavour thats committed to with that same unwavering gumption, until eventually the native arrives at their final bid for pacification. This time the chase may yield results more along the lines of what they were really looking for all along. Now, their focus is directed towards appeasing and soothing a real and very deep desire for spiritual attainment, with the goal of finding peace through realisation; thus achieving liberation from the relentless life and death rebirthing cycle that their soul no doubt knows too well. This new passion however, runs the risk of becoming an almost contradictory farce, as the yearning for this spiritual life, when done in Purva Bhadrapada fashion, can become an over-zealous, almost fanatic, obsession fuelled pursuit, which in and of itself; is just wasting energy on repeated unsuccessful attempts to find a decent balance between ones necessary life-force taxations and the energetic demands of endless newly amped curiosities requiring a sporadic yet significant energy output. Meaning theres a grave risk of missing the whole point of seeking a spiritual path in the first place and simply being too overexerted to reap the subtle benefits of the fruits that are initially on offer to the spiritual seeker on their path to self-realisation etc.

Due to this requirement for control and for calm contemplation of self-conduct, there is a profound need for privacy and structure. The privacy, so that true spiritual development can occur without the hindrances that verbalising and broadcasting these intimate experiences can bring; and the structure – to ensure that the attention and energy available is being shared equally amongst all areas of life and not being funnelled into one place so heavily and obsessively, that it leaves other important, success-dependant areas to be overlooked or neglected. The symbol of Purva Bhadrapada is of a man with two faces. This illustrates the natural extreme degrees of privacy these natives maintain; often obscuring a side of themselves entirely, beyond all suspicion or imagination. Whilst this can be an inhibiting tendency, it can be used wisely; to protect and marinate on the spiritual life, without those experiences being contaminated by external input or opinion. Should this necessity be understood and heeded to appropriately and wisely, the capacity for attainment here is extraordinary and unparalleled. The power of the energetic potential here is remarkable, but in its initiatory stages, is very much new and wild, untamed and unpredictable. How well the person is able to harness and direct that energy will be directly indicative of the level of their success that follows.

A remarkable number of archetypal character types – multiple, real legends of our modern times have been born under this asterism and this is no coincidence. If you imagine the journey through the 12 Sun Signs from Aries to Pisces and 27 Moon Signs from Ashwini to Revati, as the long sojourn of a developing soul as it passes through the various testing and training grounds and examination halls in the universe-ity of life, then we can say that this particular pit-stop is in many ways the final hurrah; the living Magnum Opus – the astrological place for those same ego’s, who after receiving all the gushing auspiciousness that Jupiter had to offer in Punarvasu and punchy character reinforcement from Vishakha, must now understand what true compassion can look like, as Jupiter introduces you to universal tough love; where all that went up, now must come all the way down. Now we must look to surrender to the trials and proverbial tribulations provided by the Universe, in the various devastating forms of ego-elimination, material dissolution and all of the tricky tests usually encountered more so in the following Nakshatra, Uttara Bhadrapada. This is the part where the ego comes to surrender itself entirely to a fate that promises death, but offers liberation too.

Purva Bhadrapada is where the babbling brook of Brihaspati Blessings runs dry. The Zen Proverb “Let Go Or Be Dragged” is a perfect maxim, describing the two starkly frank options the soul is presented with, and is no doubt the axiom responsible for the juice fuelling the tales and storylines that often bypass belief, but seem to pour out of this Nakshatra, thus creating the one-of-a-kind personalities, the utterly timeless musicians, the tyrannical political leaders, ruthless serial killers and martyred humanitarian activists that go on to be written about for years that far surpass their own.

These people are eccentric, unusual and difficult to understand, however they are undeniably powerful, almost-otherworldly game-changers, who follow the beat of their own drum, paving a new way for others to follow; connected to something higher than themselves, seemingly shackled to the will of the Gods. Almost like a mouthpiece for the collective, these people can also suffer greatly when they don’t correctly channel their energies into the uplifting of primarily themselves, so as to be able to support the rest of the world, but then into understanding and partaking in that understanding of there being more to this Earth realm that what meets the crude senses, and that they are but a part in a greater scheme more marvellous and fantastical than ever previously could have imagined. This realisation is responsible for an uncanny theme I’ve noticed, that’s very often based around establishing and encouraging an acknowledgement and commitment to fully realising ones own Godhood, in the way necessary for someone who is serious about assigning ones life path to the tumultuous and sometimes traumatic realities of spirituality and “spiritual life” and who is now disinterested in the superficial and non-committal, spiritual “decoration” that most people these days proudly settle with. This is where Aquarius turns into Pisces. Purva Bhadrapada is quite literally the bridge between the socially aware and future-conscious, tomorrow-world dwellers of the Aquarian spheres of consciousness, to the elusive and evasive rumours spilled forth from the realms of Pisces; where there is no such thing as tomorrow, only that which is mystical and where all that resides within it, is no longer of this world whatsoever. Purva Bhadrapada natives reflect this “ah-ha” moment – the strike of the lightening bolt which spells hard and fast activation and then expression of higher consciousness. This is seen in the roots of the Purva Bhadrapada native’s motivations, where all of the individualisation cultivated in the sign of Aquarius is brought forth, just to release it with the stark reminders this asterism promises, of our fallibility and nature’s oscillating mercy, when viewed from a stunted perspective… Only to once again reinforce it with the lightening bolt that reveals the truths of life’s mysteries with a glimpse of what we’re all really made of, this time making the individualisation a universal flavour, ensuring gnosis of the necessary surrender into the realm of Pisces; where all rationale must be disposed of and logic and structure are rendered useless. In the face of the divine mysteries and the gravitas attached to the pursuit of solving them, this is where we finally come to realise secrets that can only be comprehended and understood, once this understanding and consequential faith-fuelled-leap into the darkness of the void has taken place.

This Nakshatra represents that moment of realisation of ones true nature within the Uni-Verse, and Purva Bhadrapada embodies the fire that is ignited, fuelling awareness of the path our souls must take as we are jolted awake and newly alive, with the divine electric bolt of kundalini-awakening light energy, that serves as an astrological slap on the butt to encourage our souls with a tough-loving push and invigorating shove, towards finally returning to where all souls belong, turning our faces from Earthly life, away from all of its impressive but invasive veils of never ending “Maya” illusion, on the journey we are all on – the journey going “home”.” (Source)

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