It’s Saturday night and I’m home here in San Diego under the covers watching an Anthony Bourdain interview. May his soul forever rest in peace – such a stunning soul.

My heart feels expansive. The life I get to live today is the life I was dreaming of just a little over 2 years ago. And here I am in peace and tranquility – living it. My life has been especially full of harmony for the past few months. I’ve gotten to live slowly and have spent a lot of time doing what I want! Of course I still work, but overall I feel a deep sense of calmness.

Yesterday, I took my spreadsheet out for some calculations to figure it out where I want to be 2 years from now. I think  as I continue living I will continue to make plans in life around my most core desired feeling: freedom. Time and time again, I have followed the path of freedom and it has never led me astray.

Southern California, from your perfect temperate weather, to your varied and gorgeous terrain, thank you for healing my soul.



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