Mucho, Mucho Amor

I’m a fortune teller, but I don’t like to know my future. I just want to enjoy each moment of my life. I feel that I’m in heaven right now, living the life I’m choosing to live and with the people that I love. That’s heaven for me. I don’t expect another heaven. Heaven is today and heaven is now.” Walter Mercado

On November 4th, 2019, I wrote a blog post remembering Walter Mercado after his death (To see the blog post click, Astral Travel & Cosmic Dreams).

I wrote:

My days typically consist of some level of exposure to the world of evidence-based science, it’s inherent to clinical research. My nights typically consist of metaphysics, poetry, art. It it possible to hold space and wonder for both. I don’t think either of my interests: the hard sciences and the metaphysical world are the ultimate truth. They are simply lenses that you can choose to put on or take off to view different versions of reality. Every inch of me loves to learn about how an investigational product can potentially improve an oncology patient’s quality of life. I love to learn about the mechanics of these products, the potential adverse effects they may entail, and how it can ultimately improve someone’s well being. It’s enlivening! Yet I also love to learn about astrology, numerology, the ancient Egyptian book of the dead, human design, shamanism, the list is endless. I also have interests that are non-science yet mainstream: yoga, philosophy, mythology. The human experience fascinates me in all its different colors. While I was in Colorado, Nick and I had a very logical discussion. I think we were momentarily talking about Sagan. And out of nowhere, I say, “It’s because I’m a Pisces Moon.” He just breaks into laughter. How is it that someone so logical can spontaneously entertain topics that are not backed by evidence? 

I am writing this post in honor of Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado. Walter passed away yesterday at the age of 87. He was a Pisces Sun. Whether you’re intrigued by astrology or completely dismiss it, if you grew up in a household with Latino television programming, chances are you came across Walter. Walter had a theatric flair to the delivery of his predictions. It’s almost as if he was a character ripped out of a novel or a telenovela and brought alive into the real world. He often wore gaudy costumes with detailed jewelry. I was captivated by his screen presence. The sound of his voice had a tinge of something mystical – exactly what you’d expect from a Pisces Sun. I find it fascinating that he passed away: 1. During Día de los Muertos, 2. During Scorpio Season, 3. During Mercury Retrograde.

Yesterday, I ended my fast by watching Netflix’s documentary on Walter Mercado: Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado (trailer below). I cried. What a gorgeous being he was. His Pisces Sun spoke to my Pisces Moon. There will never be another Walter. After watching this documentary both my body and soul are deeply nourished.

Here’s a song featured in the documentary. Anyone want to take me dancing post-pandemic?

If I ever have to be re-incarnated on this Earth again, I hope to be born a Puerto Rican woman again. So much culture and beauty from a tiny island.

Walter Mercado is a force of nature without beginnings and endings. He used to be a star, but now, Walter is a constellation.” Walter Mercado

May the “one-take” wonder rest in peace.

Here’s to astral travel and cosmic dreams. Con mucho, mucho amor.

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