Mama at 33 and me in Boston, MA

As a child, I would impatiently wait for her either at my caretaker’s house or my grandmother’s house. Sometimes, I would see her with her white lab coat and my eyes would gleam. “I want to be just like her.” I would think to myself. Mama did it ALL. After long work days, she would cook, clean, iron the clothes for church (we went to church for a couple of hours EVERY night – in Puerto Rico and New York), laundry, ALL. I never saw her slow down. I have very little memories of this double fire woman ever resting or near a bed. The house was always sparkling, the beds were always made, food was always ready. Little me thought it was all magic. At times, I would catch her crying. She always did her best to hide that from me. I imagine she shed tears from the pressure of it all. The responsibility of parenting largely falls on women in the social structure that we’ve created – and I can only imagine the weight of it all. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how she did it all while also undertaking the most difficult of human endeavors: to raise humans into adulthood. Mama, you were the first Wonder Woman I ever knew. And sometimes after the end of a long week, I think back and wonder how you did it all. It’s my hope that today you take some deep breaths and finally rest. Though I’m thousands of miles away from you – I too keep going amidst anything because you were the first one to show me how to do it. A deeply nurturing warrioress raised another. To my mama and all the mamas out there, I bow to you on your day. I believe you are doing the most important and difficult work on this planet. Happy Mother’s Day to all the women that play a mothering role, as we know motherhood is an archetype, an energy, a powerful force that extends way beyond giving birth. Here’s to you all 💐

Mama at 30 and me at 8 months, Lollipop Farm, Rochester, NY
Mama at 33 and me in Boston, MA

My mama is a Cancer rising (as am I) aka the embodiment of the mother archetype. She’s also Leo Sun and Sagittarius Moon. She’s fierce compassion, love, and devotion.

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