To Connect

“But it’s also possible to lose your soul. Entirely, even forever. You can want to do that because you have your reasons, your goals. Goals are a way of postponing the longer look into your soul. Goals substitute for meaning because goals can be achieved but meaning has to be made. The hard way. That’s breaking into the soul and sometimes breaks the soul.” Douglas Brooks

Today after work, I spent my time chatting with a dear friend of mine – one of the brightest minds I know. We talked about social structures, systems, political economies, autonomy, philosophy, and being human. Prior to us hanging up, I came to realize the following, which I expressed out loud. There is no inherent meaning for being. Perhaps meaning lies in the momentary seconds in which my focus on another (or a community of others) becomes so great that I forget about my existential despair. Even if for just a moment. Maybe it’s about collecting a string of those moments – where the focus on otherness is greater than the focus on the void.

PS. Please note that I referred to a “string of those moments” because awareness of the void is still crucial. It’s about being aware of the void yet not living in the void. On the other end of the spectrum, would be to focus on all otherness (outside of the void).   In the same way that entirely placing all focus on the void is unsustainable, to focus on “otherness” at all times rather than for some moments of time, would be to live permanently distracted. Living in a state of permanent distraction  is as unsustainable as living in the void.

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