The last time I got sick was in 2009 – I had a new strain of the H1N1 influenza  (the swine flu) that made me pretty sick.  I was in quarantine with my roommate (whom also contracted it) for 14 days. I have almost drowned since – but my drownings have occurred as a result of spending time in the ocean, not as a result of a pathogen.

It’s been 11 years since I last got sick. I don’t get sick often. Good for me! Maybe I should be given a fucking trophy for taking such good care of myself!

Earlier today, I saw one of those personal development new cage gurus post something about how “your body is designed to block any virus” and it goes back to the bacteria in your gut which is something you can change. I threw my phone across the room. I consider the sharing of this type of content irresponsible amidst our current public health crisis.

Our immune systems can be resilient.

Our bodies have the capacity to fight foreign agents and if they’re working properly, over a period of time, our immune system will do its job and work to get rid of the pathogen. Though sometimes, we may need some assistance. Have you ever taken an antipyretic medication such as Tylenol to control your fever?

There’s a difference between a resilient immune system and a bulletproof one. Our immune systems are not bulletproof. No matter how much shaman-blessed, perfectly-clean, not harvested by humans paid below the minimum wage food we eat, we are not invincible. No matter how many probiotics we gorge on, our bodies are not invincible. Human beings are not invincible.  

So, in the true nature of a researcher, I have some follow-up questions about our bodies being able to “block any virus” given a healthy gut microbiome. As an answer to these questions, I’d like evidence-based, peer-reviewed research as well as interviews with experts (plural) in each field. I want multiple forms of evidence from different sources for each of the questions posed.

*Prior to asking these questions, I’d like to clarify that I do believe there is a connection between our gut microbiome and inflammation. Here’s paper about it if you’re interested in reading more: (there’s a ton of undergoing research about the relationship between our gut health and inflammation). A healthy diet (if available to you – the homeless, among others don’t have access to such food), will assist with better health outcomes. A healthy diet (along with other factors such as controlled stress levels, proper sleep, etc.) won’t make you invincible, but it’ll make you resilient.*

Now, my questions:

  1. If our body is built to “block viruses” and it’s all about the bacteria in our gut – have we tried halting all HIV research (HIV is a virus!) and perhaps just changing HIV patient diets, a heavy course of probiotics, and 10 hours a day of meditation in hopes that an HIV positive individual doesn’t develop AIDS? (For clarification AIDS is a late-stage syndrome caused by the HIV virus).
  2. For children with chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) or severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), should we just feed them shaman-blessed, perfectly-clean, not harvested by humans paid below the minimum wage food and some probiotics (hopefully before any viruses enter their systems) and call it a day?
  3. For folks with autoimmune disorders such as Grave’s disease, Lupus, MS, Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIPD), Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, etc. – Should they start eating shaman-blessed, perfectly-clean, not harvested by humans paid below the minimum wage food and some probiotics today and meditate themselves into a state of health (hopefully before any viruses enter their systems)?

I said it yesterday. I’ll repeat it today. Sick of the bullshit.


Take care of yourselves. Talk to your health care providers. Read information from the WHO, the CDC (or your country’s equivalent), and your local public health authorities.

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