A Life-long Learner

I try my best to keep my professional life off of my social media (with the exception of LinkedIn, of course). I rarely talk about my day to day with anyone outside of those I work with. With good reason – the nature of the work has to respect sponsor confidentiality agreements and patient privacy. I regard that aspect of my work with deep respect because honoring privacy extends beyond my professional life; it’s a personal value for me. In my personal life, I’ve often had people come to me in “confidence” during times of crises. I can tell you, that it is my full intent to take whatever is that they shared with me to the grave. Now that being said, I’ve often been asked, “What do you do for a living?” Well, I help companies with the process of bringing new medical devices and/or medications to the market.

Here’s a link to a copy of my most current CV:

Wanda Perez-Diaz CV 2020

There’s a professional summation to what I’ve done/ do:

I am a passionate, creative and innovative Clinical Research Associate with extensive experience in hands-on research, project management, preclinical discovery, public health, public policy, compliance (FDA, ICH-GCP), site evaluations and strategic analysis within both non-profit and highly matrixed organizations. I am enthusiastic about inspiring and influencing positive solutions in transforming public health that improves wellness and accessibility for all. As an organized and adaptive leader I have an aptitude to both learn and teach others in a style that inspires trust, collaboration and a greater sense of purpose within the healthcare realm.

And then there’s the real underlying reason I do it:

I’m a life-long learner.

Every single piece of my being deeply craves to engage in continuous learning. My field of work has served as a tremendous vehicle in my quest to continue learning and expanding my “knowledge”. Throughout the years, I’ve had the privilege of working at different parts of the biomedical research process. From my beginning in 2006 working as a research assistant in pre-clinical research (aka bench side research / computer and animal models) to working on the clinical (human) research aspect of the work as well as having been able to enhance that work with explorations and education in public health. And you want to know something? With every single piece of knowledge I acquire, comes the deepening awareness that’s there’s so much I don’t know and perhaps never will.

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