For the Youth

This morning when I awakened, one of my physician friends shared the following article through his social media: RNA Extraction Kits for COVID-19 Tests are in Short Supply in US.

I went to 3 clinics this week (for work purposes). Yesterday after getting home from my visit, I sanitized all of the electronics I transported with me including my personal and work phones and then went straight to the bathroom for a full body cleanse. I then locked myself in my room and have largely stayed in here for the exception of food, water, and the bathroom. I live with others so I’m trying to be very cautious about my human contact. Outside of the folks at the clinics and the 4 airports I traveled through this week, I haven’t been in direct contact with humans. As I’ve mentioned before – my personal well being is not my concern here (it’s a secondary concern). Based on the evidence we have, even if I contracted the virus, chances are I would survive. My concern is the people that I come into contact with as I’m unaware of their health condition(s) or that of their loved ones. I don’t want to be healthy, spreading host. Yes, most people have recovered, but it’s still important to note that it’s estimated as of this very moment (8:19 PM PST) around 5, 833 have passed (Source). My concern is in potentially (and unknowingly) contributing to increasing this number, as an asymptomatic (one who has not symptoms) host (of the virus). Luckily, I’ve received a lot of phone calls from family members and friends, that keep me entertained and not feeling isolated. Today, I spent most of the day working on administrative matters: reports and the such from the comfort of my bedroom.

Earlier this afternoon, I talked to my aunt in Puerto Rico. My aunt is a nurse in Puerto Rico. She was talking to me about the situation, her perspective, and her concerns. She was especially concerned that when some local school and universities closed in Puerto Rico, she saw one of the town plazas full of people – particularly youth. She thinks it’s extremely inconsiderate. She believes the government in Puerto Rico should require a shut-down outside of necessary affairs as prevention is the best method of preparedness. My grandmother is part of the COVID-19 at-risk group. She lives with my aunt. Yesterday evening my aunt and my grandmother were going to go to the grocery store and due to the volume of people my aunt observed, she decided that it was best that my grandmother didn’t go into the store. I also got to speak to my grandmother whom gave me her opinion on Puerto Rico’s government current actions – she’s not pleased.

After our conversation, my uncle, whom is also a nurse in Puerto Rico, sent me a video of a pissed off doctor in Spain urging healthy young people to stay home. Here’s the video the doctor shared yesterday 13-Mar-2020 (my apologies to my non-Spanish speaking followers):

Note: Per Time Magazine, reported on 14-Mar-2020 at 3:28 PM EDT, France and Spain to Follow Italy Into Lockdown as Coronavirus Cases Soar

The Spanish doctor urged young folks without underlying conditions and major symptoms to stay home. In the Spanish doctor’s request, asking that science goes viral in social media amongst young people, here is an interview with Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH in regards to the matter that I think is very informative.


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For additional resources visit CIDRAP: Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

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