St. George

This is Pioneer Park in St. George, Utah. It’s an hour away from Zion National Park. Happened to be 2 miles away from the hotel I’m staying at.

Into the Rocks
SG 2
SG 4
SG 6
I fear hole clusters
SG 7
What planet am I in?

I’ve often been asked why or how I travel so often. How do I afford it? Do I make six figures? Well I do make six figures! It’s my salary. However, that’s not how I pay for my travel. That’s just how I live in California 😉 Most of the travel I do is work related. The company I work for pays for all of my travel expenses and I get to keep the flyer miles, hotel points, and free car rental days (as well as all the statuses frequent travel brings about). I know that sometimes, simply looking at a few images and sentences from people’s lives may make it seem like they have all “these things I don’t have”, but there’s usually more than what meets the eye. As for “how do I find work like that?” That’s a great question I don’t know the answer to. I remember that when I started my current position, one of the managers that was training me, asked all the trainees what their paths were to get to our present days – we all had radically different stories. Fourteen years ago, I was working in pre-clinial trials (aka bench side research aka inside a lab), then public health research, then I got into clinical research working directly with subjects, then 4 years ago I got into working in clinical research on the admin side.  I didn’t do anything special or unique or “followed the 10 steps to eradicating your ego guidebook”,  I just showed up and got lucky along the way.

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