Rest as Revolution

Lemongrass, Encinitas, California

It was a deeply relaxing weekend on my end. On Saturday, it was waxing by day and Cacao ceremony by night. During the ceremony, I came to a deep realization that so many of us are lonely – we have these day careers, and these “must do’s” every day and in order to get “life done” and to “grind” and “hustle” we forgo human connection. Very grateful for having met Tila and Michelle. I love plant medicine and I revere it. I still haven’t taken the plant medicine journey into the deep end – I’m not ready yet, but I certainly intend to in the future.

Sunday was dedicated to a massage and the ocean. The healer who was my masseuse, provided me some information about healing services in Brazil that I think will come in handy in the future. I’ve been hearing about this on and off for a series of years. After my massage, I spent some time with Mama Ocean and ya…my soul is renewed. Have I ever mentioned how much I love San Diego?

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