The 90s, Aceitunas, Puerto Rico

If you were a superhero, what would your chosen power be? Mine would be invisibility. In a world where everyone is trying to make a living by being seen, I’m contemplating the philosophy of “making a living” in the first place. Don’t we already have a living? If we are born, aren’t we all born breathing? What else does one need in order to be considered alive outside of prana?

I don’t want to be seen or known. My greatest desires are simplicity, freedom, and tranquility. I want to live in a little beach bungalow with a dog. I want a community. I’ll work at a coffee shop a couple times a week because I’d own my little bungalow and would have minimal expenses. I’d find little things to do here and there throughout the week. I’d want to have a garden – to grow my food. I’d want to be physically active for at least 6 hours a day – being physically active, using my body all the time, rather than using my mind is what brings me fulfillment. I’d be available to support people when and if they needed. I’d be living a life of full rest and little sensual pleasures (the ocean, mountains, rivers, lakes, the sun, etc.) until my death. I hope you all have a great week.

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