On the Path to Freedom

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

As I’d expect with Delta, we were delayed out of Rochester, MN into MSP. The delay wasn’t supposed to affect my connection except that we taxed for an hour on the ground. We finally left the Rochester airport and I arrived to MSP at 7:56 PM. There’s a special kind of sting that happens when you arrive at the airport to look at the screen and it states: San Diego, 7:54 PM, Departed. I’m especially pissed off because I had asked the gate agent if I was going to have time to catch my connection and she affirmed that I had nothing to worry about. I could have driven to Minneapolis and been home last night!

While we were taxing, I called the travel agency the company I work for works with and asked if there were any competitors (non-Delta) leaving MSP towards Southern California. I asked for So. Cal because it gives me a range of airports to choose from (aside from San Diego) that I can simply drive home from. The answer: No. I got stuck in Minneapolis for the night. I booked a room at the Hilton near the airport and called it a night. I’ve been United loyal since 2016. I love United – LOVE! I’ve only experienced issues with United when flying via Newark (EWR). But ask any frequent flyer about EWR and they’ll most likely tell you about the trash hole that Newark (the airport) is. My least favorite airport in the United States. Otherwise, United is a breeze (besides weather, freak accidents, and medical emergencies). I hope that one day I have a smooth flying experience with Delta! If you’re flying anywhere in the US between the east of Seattle, Minneapolis and west, and north of Salt Lake City excluding Colorado (Denver is a United hub), likely chances are that you’ll fly delta. Delta has hubs in Minneapolis-St.Paul, Salt Lake City, and Seattle – so they dominate the mountain region.

Anyway, boarding soon! Today is my only free day until next weekend. I have to work tomorrow to meet all my deadlines by Friday. So after I land, I’m going to hit the trails and then go to the beach. We’re about to have a lovely day in my favorite place on Earth: my lovely home base – San Diego.

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