Home Bound

Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona #cancerresearch

Reporting live from PhoenixSky Harbor Airport (PHX). Finished my visit, made my way to the airport, and will be in San Diego in a matter of hours! This is the longest business trip of my life. I arrived to Arizona on Monday (06-Jan-2020) and I’m leaving today (Thursday, 09-Jan-2020). The grand majority of my business trips (especially in 2019) were less than 24 hours each. Can you imagine traveling what ended up being 120,000 miles, but in intervals of less than 24 hours (which means constant time zone tripping!)? 2019 looked like: city, city, city, city, city, home, city, city, city, city, city, city *on loop*. I certainly prefer this slower speed. Being able to acclimate to a place is a game-changer. Though I will be out of San Diego for most of the month, I will be traveling less because I’m staying at locations longer!

During this trip, I was trained in a new “therapeutic area” – oncology (using my clinical research lingo here!). I don’t know what I did in a past life, but whatever I did gave me lots of luck in this lifetime. The woman who trained me was absolutely brilliant – all of my teachers and mentors have been! I’ve heard stories of others having less than favorable experiences in the context of training/learning, I’ve just been lucky in this regard.

I still feel exhausted (soulfully), but at least I don’t feel entirely depleted. I think this is because this is my first full work week since the start of the near year and because travel only involved a 1-hour nonstop. The most exhausting thing I’ve done in my entire career was a same-day trip – ie. waking up, flying from Rochester to Newark, working all day in Jersey, and traveling back that same night to get home at 11PM, to sleep, to wake up the next morning to catch a flight to Chicago. Whew! I actually have a lot of travel experiences that are tiring – I’ve been roadie for 4 years! Excited to be back in San Diego tonight. It looks like this weekend is full of promising weather. San Diego’s weather consistency is emotionally healing.


  • Earthquake in Puerto Rico (well technically, multiple earthquakes, just one strong enough to cause damage). My family is okay. They felt it. They didn’t experience any major losses. They are feeling afraid. This incident, after Hurricane Maria, makes me think about the habitability of the island in the years to come. As for the power/piped water loss on the island: I’m glad this is finally being brought up to the light. I spent the years between 1990 – 1999 on the island. Power outages and piped water not being available for days on end were a regular occurrence – natural disaster or not. I grew up understanding the value of having a generator and water cistern on land. That along with a ton of candles (to conserve generator fuel), canned foods, and bottled water. Little me thought that was the norm. Puerto Rico’s poor infrastructure is a problem that is decades old. It’s one of the main reasons my dad moved back (he used to live in Boston prior to returning to PR in his early 20s) to the mainland (US).
  • Did y’all hear about the royals? I’m excited about H & M’s decision not because I care about the royal family, but because they’re steering away from tradition! I LOVE REBELS.
  • During my stay in Arizona, I was able to watch The Great Hack on Netflix. I’m not a tad bit surprised by the information revealed in the documentary and very much enjoyed it. Welcome to the era of big data – information is capital and privacy is….? I also discovered that while I can commit to watching a documentary over a two-day span, I can’t commit to shows – too much of a time suck. Also, anyone close to me knows that I have no issues with focus except when it comes to staring at moving pictures on a screen. Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 6.24.21 PM.png
  • Astrologer Chani Nicholas, now has a function on her site where you can get your birth chart! I am shooketh. I tried generating my chart using “Whole Sign” house type and turns out I have an intense 7th house stellium (most of my chart, 8 planets, are in the 7th house). The 7th house is traditionally ruled by Libra. So I have 8 planets or constellations in Capricorn in the 7th house. I ran the chart and came across a tidbit that caught my attention and I very much identified with (screen shot above). Also, my moon in Pisces comes with a lot of “gifts” given the rest of my chart – I feel like I intuitively knew my moon sign was my saving grace. To run your chart, click here.
Innovation, Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona

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