A Picturesque Christmas Eve: Lake Arrowhead

Still, Lake Arrowhead, California

After settling into my dorm room in the Fall of 2008, I went down the hall in my dorm building floor and met my across-the-hall neighbor- Elise. Elise then introduced me to Matt (whom I’ve mentioned in this blog before). A trio, we were. This past Spring (2019), I got to be one of the bridesmaids in Elise’s wedding! It’s been over a decade and we’ve remained close. Elise’s husband, Mike, originates from Lake Arrowhead. Today, I drove up to see them! Last year, I went to Big Bear during the month of December. I loved visiting because it reminded me of Christmas “proper” – pine trees, fresh water, carolers, decorations, snow.  It reminded me of all the Christmas movies as well a fantasy of mine I described in this post. Lake Arrowhead reminded me of Big Bear, except this time I was surrounded by a beautiful family inside a beautiful home. Mike’s family is so special! I’m very grateful they had me over and that I was able to see Elise during the holidays.

We walked around Lake Arrowhead and here this post contains the photo documentation – as well as some photographs I took on the drive up – it was stunning. According to Mike’s mom, they sit at an altitude of about 5,200 ft – almost as high as Denver! It wasn’t as cold as I expected, though they were expecting snowfall (as evidenced by the number of clouds in these photos). Anyway, a happy Christmas to those of my followers that celebrate. And for those that don’t – a happy day!

Heading Down
Mike and Elise
Mountains Peek
Touching Trees

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