Full Moon Beginnings

Downtown LA: Night Edition

On Thursday (the day of the Gemini full moon) I worked at a clinic in Long Beach. After my visit was complete, I found a Starbucks and worked until I finished all the items on my checklist. Have any of you read Atul Gawande’s Checklist Manifesto? I have been living off of checklists since I was a tiny human. I feel lost without them! Once all the items on my list were crossed off, I drove to LA to meet up with Miley.

I left the Starbucks in Long Beach at 4PM and with traffic (gotta love the 405 and 110!) didn’t arrive to DTLA until 5:30PM (not too bad for a Thursday evening).  This was my 25th time in LA in a one year period. As I’ve mentioned before, I travel around 80% of the time for my work. I’m always triple excited when I get to stick around SoCal. It’s just a simple drive! Yes, there’s traffic, but there are no airports, time zone tripping experiences, nor jet lag. After I found parking, I made my way to Miley’s apartment and then we took off to Little Sister in Downtown LA. When you’re born on Christmas eve, eve (December 23rd), you get used to not being able to celebrate your birthday real-time. Most of my life the celebrations have occurred before or after. Everyone is typically finishing their shopping/wrapping, traveling home for the holidays, or at a holiday party. On Thursday evening, Miley took me out!

Little Sister, DTLA: “Your Little Sister is taking you out tonight.” Miley Said.

Per their website, “East-Meets-West dishes that inspire and evoke a feeling of being welcomed into Chef Vuong’s home. Little Sister’s menu showcases Chef Tin’s take on one of the more interesting and rich collisions of food and culture that was borne out of the European colonization of Southeast Asia.

Dishes blend and balance the spices and flavors of Southeast Asia with French techniques and Dutch and British colonial influences. The menu is continually and progressively evolving, reflecting inspiration and the seasons. Chef Tin curates the restaurant’s wine and beverage program with a focus on intriguing labels, both domestically and from around the world.

The food at Little Sister was fantastic. I had a fried Sea Bass and a taste of their tomato garlic fried rice. We also had dessert which was the highlight of the night. This is the best dessert I’ve ever had.

Flavorful Explosion: Coconut Cake, Passion Fruit Curd, Pineapple, Goji Berry Crunch

After our dinner, we walked back to Miley’s apartment. Miley’s apartment is really coming along although it hasn’t even been a month since she arrived to LA! She appears to be gaining even more confidence as it all continues to unfold. At her apartment, we talked about life, upcoming plans, and work while listening to some tunes. On Thursday, I decided that I’ll be ringing in the new year in LA – at Miley’s apartment. I’ve spent NYE’s in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, (somewhere in) Puerto Rico, and Toronto. This year, it’ll be LA!

Tune finds – courtesy of Miley:

  1. By Design · Kid Cudi · André Benjamin
  2. STOP TRYING TO BE GOD – Travis Scott – Please take the time to watch the video: a neosurrealist masterpiece. I mean…Featuring Philip Bailey, James Blake, Kid Cudi and Stevie Wonder on harmonica.

Hope you’re all taking some time to slow down amidst the rush of the holiday season. Off to Birmingham (Alabama) tomorrow for my last work trip of the year! I’ll be off from 12/21 – 1/1. Grateful that the company I work for is giving the entire Christmas week off!!!

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