“Lady, ¿dónde estás?”

I’m currently sitting at the Bozeman airport waiting for my flight to San Diego. By the time I get home tonight, I would have completed a 15 hour day so there’s not much I have to say. I left Carlsbad (North County San Diego) at 3:45 AM (PST) yesterday to make it to the airport and catch my flight to Montana. I arrived to my hotel in Montana at 2:00 PM (MST) on 13-Nov-2019. I had lunch. Worked all evening. Walked to grab some dinner (an incredibly scenic walk!), then went to the gym, where I had to convince my lungs that they had sufficient oxygen to workout at 5, 538 ft’. I’ve been at significantly higher altitudes (at 9, 449′ ft), but when you’re on 3 hours of sleep, everything is more difficult! Workout, though slow, was completed. For today’s post, I’ll be sharing three photographs and provide some context.


Butte, MTButte is a little town in Montana situated at 5’538′ ft. altitude. This particular view is from the front door of my hotel. Now a bit of background on why I’m fascinated by high altitudes. I’ve traveled quite a bit – particularly for my age demographic. While being a traveler, I’ve had 3 main home bases: (1) Puerto Rico, (2) New York, (3) California. Most places I’ve lived certainly have mountains, but I’ve always resided near the coast (at sea level with an altitude of 0’ft.). New York State’s tallest mountain, Mount Marcy, stands at 5’344′ ft. Imagine if there was a town (like Butte) at the top of Mount Marcy?! (Side note: It takes about 8 hours to climb Marcy from the base. There are no towns at the top). What makes this even more bizarre is that I took this photograph at 5’538′ ft., do you see more mountains in the background? Montana’s tallest mountain is Granite Peak at 12, 808′ ft. For further reference, Machu Picchu stands at 7, 972′ ft.


The Continental Divide: The Continental Divide ranges from the Bering Strait (Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska) down to the Strait of Magellan (Tierra del Fuego). The Montana portion ranges in altitude from 5,280 ‘ ft. to 11, 141′ ft. I took this particular photograph at 6, 329’ ft.


Belgrade, MT: Belgrade is right outside of Bozeman, MT and has an elevation of 4. 459′ ft. I took this photo on my way to the return my rental car to the Bozeman airport. It makes it quite clear why Montana is often referred to as the Big Sky Country: no bustling cities, no skyscrapers – the sky is wide open and free.  Isn’t it wild that there is so much beauty on this Earth?

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