I’m currently sitting at one of my favorite airports in the United States (facility wise): Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW). I haven’t visited Detroit since 2017. My most vivid memory of the city previous to this trip was a cool rainbow colored tunnel at the airport. This time around the coolest thing about the city: its people. 

Last night, when I arrived at the hotel I was warmly welcomed (in true Hilton Honors -HH- fashion). What particularly stood out about this location was that in addition to the HH welcome, they added a little touch with a hand-written note and some gift-wrapped brittle. The guy at the front desk had an incredible smile – the type of smile people pay for. He was very kind and made me laugh amidst my exhaustion!

This morning while I was having breakfast an attractive gentleman approached me. I was sitting alone gathering my life (aka working) and he stroke up a conversation. He didn’t look at day over 30. He was actually 45. As we chatted he told me a bit about his life. He played for the Chicago Bulls for 3 years. One of his closest friends plays for the Chargers.  He reminded me of the man I met at the tea shop back in San Diego – the one that was in the San Diego Opera and an actor on Criminal Minds. There are such fascinating people on this planet.

When I arrived to my site this morning, the first thing I spotted was a Dalí print. Any time I spot Surrealism in the real world, I feel at ease. I spent a good portion of my undergraduate years studying Surrealism (yes – this was on top of the all the science!) – particularly the evolution of the genre with a focus on Spanish Surrealism (think Dalí, Buñuel, and Lorca). These literary and visual art studies are large influences in my creative writing. It’s what allows me to write in a flow of consciousness, melodic, rhythmic style. The visit went as well as I could have hoped. Then back to the airport I returned. Back to San Diego I go!

I’m really looking forward to this weekend! I have a very full schedule – birthday party, cacao ceremony, welcoming my friend to LA, among other plans! Just a month ago, I was dreaming of this. I said it before, I’ll say it again: Momentum is key.

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