The Fire of Sensuality

♬ Exploring – with my new lover ♬

I’m coming with it
I know what you like and I know what you want
I’m gonna lay down
I’mma show you what you missed all along

You say what you want
You know how much you want it

Más que un déjà vu
Does it feel brand new?

(Prince Royce)


He’s new energy. A breath of fresh air. Seemingly becoming more and more attractive as time immeasurably passes.

His eyes. His lips. His laughter. The sound of his voice. His presence. It’s only been a week since he slept over. I crave him.

Here he is again in front of me. Delight.

The film finishes. We make our way to Encinitas. Moonlight.

With every breath drawn, he takes me to the twenty-seventh dimension.

Almost as if this scene was a page taken from William James’ description of a mystical experience – I’m loving every minute of the irresistible suspension:

Conscious unity.

The is no time or space.

Objective reality.


Life is seen as sacred.

You understand paradox.

Ineffable – Indescribable.

The experience is temporary.

The experience is life-changing.

Getting lost under the moonlit sky, waves crashing, igniting passion with intense direction.

He goes for my neck, grabs hold of my thighs. Bites my lower lip – it’s sensual and it’s divine.

With each movement, there’s a build.

A suspense in a breath, what a thrill.

How could my body have a gone two decades and an eight without knowing such pleasure – Elated nirvana, ecstasy, bliss. I had become accustomed to the traditional drill.

He pays attention to every detail and how my body responds. Carefully and quickly crafting the next move – it always correctly corresponds.

A sigh. A moan. A bite. A choke.

Past, present, and future converge.

The intensity slowly building and irresistibly heightening notch by notch.

The satisfaction is too immense to handle.

Where or to what do I resort?!

I notice I feel safe in his arms and simply continue to blossom. Must be his Taurean Moon. Delicious, delectable, unforgettable – just awesome.

My body melts in his arms and I crave my soul to touch his.

I feel his skin against mine.

All rapture, no analysis.

We catch moments in between and share words with some meaning.

Do you ever wonder about all the things that have to happen for two people to meet?”

Continuing a dance between gentle and raw – the lines of reality blurring right in front of my eyes. Are you still with me?

I laugh with sincerity.

I revel in the freedom.

For the first time in my life I’m fully present. It’s a magical clarity filled garden of eden.

His generosity in the context of pleasure.

His devouring kiss.

Caresses, a touch that turns my body into a beacon.

Nearing the hour past midnight – we come to a stop.

When he stands, he towers over me – I have to lookup. He hugs me with his warm embrace and I think “Oh my what is this feeling- uh oh.”

We kiss, once more – for good measure.

He walks me to my car since I have to go home for an early start, in a couple of hours – being in this presence feels like discovering a long-lost treasure.

He opens my car door.

One more kiss for the road, He says.

I sit in my car and take it all in – it feels like I’m sitting on a bed of flowers, a release from all the pressure.

OCTOBER 2019: Electrical Connectivity Lights Up EVERYTHING.

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