I’m currently sitting at the Vegas airport waiting to board a flight to Salt Lake City, Utah so that I can make my way to Helena, Montana. Montana will be the 46th state I visit out of the 50 states! I hear nothing, but incredible things about the Montana scenery. It all travel goes smoothly I should arrive to my hotel by 2AM. This trip was a particularly successful one. I got to see Mel again! A few posts ago, I had mentioned that I met an incredible professional connection while in Oklahoma City. Here we were working together again!

First, we have a ridiculous amount in common – in regards to background. She’s an incredible woman with an overwhelming amount of experience not just in our industry, but in life. Talking to her is a breath of fresh air. I always learn something from her every time we interact. It’s incredible to see all she’s accomplished in her life despite major setbacks. Grateful we got to reconnect. Luckily, we both reside in the same city! It’s simply a connection waiting to blossom.

I’ll admit that I feel very sleepy. I wasn’t able to sleep well last night and I have quite a ways of traveling to complete before I arrive at my next destination. It’s my hope that I can sleep during the flight! As far a today is concerned, this is all I can muster. There are no deep thoughts nor life-altering realizations today. Today, this little piece of cyberspace is serving as my diary (and allowing me to keep the momentum of a daily post!).

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