Two of Tides

LoPan (Cocktail bar), Toronto, Canada

Love and commitment. A bond formed. Establishing a new partnership or joint project. Forgiveness for a past slight. Avoid isolation. Look for connections. Mutual assistance. Attraction of opposites.Steve Luca via Japaridze Tarot

After dropping all of Selene’s belongings at the apartment, Nico returned the car at the rental car agency. Then Selene and Nico walked to the apartment on Rue de Ménilmontant.  Prior to heading to Nico’s apartment, they stopped at a bar to grab a quick bite to eat and perhaps a drink. As soon as they walked in, Nico noticed that Selene’s energy levels weren’t quite as high as usual and proposed they head back. Though well past the evening time, Selene loved the coffee shops, the art studios, and the restaurants that were available just outside the door. Nico lived in a small apartment, which he shared with a classmate. From the outside the building was a beige color lined with Juliette balconies. The very first level was occupied by a bridal shower and a store that provided electrician services. The nicotine-smelling, stained, carpeted staircase up to Nico’s apartment, reminded Selene of her flat in Nice. “Welcome. My roommate is currently out of town. I know you’re tired so I think it’s best if we stay in tonight so we can take full advantage of the day tomorrow. Would you like a glass of wine? Tea? Water?” Selene responded, “I’d love some peppermint tea, if you have it.” 

They walked into the small kitchen, where Nico began to prepare a kettle. “You know, I really appreciate that we’ve been friends for quite a while. On days when I’m exhausted is almost as if you feel it. While I love my life on the road, moments like these make me appreciate all of you that much more – there’s a beautiful sense of security and understanding from bonds as long as the one we’ve shared. They also serve as proof that though we continue to evolve and change, in many ways we remain the same. I find that oddly comforting. That though I’m no longer a grad student riddled by night full of stress and little sleep, when I’m sleepy I become a bit withdrawn and those closest to me can instantly tell.” Nico walked over towards Selene and hugged her. “I love that although you’re no longer a grad student slaving your life away in New York, that you’re still keenly observant. You’re sharper than ever. I think that path the that you’ve chosen for yourself not only suits you, but it’s quite courageous. Out of all of my friends, I particularly enjoy that we can laugh over silly matters, drink our sorrows away, make fools of ourselves, but also have the capacity to have deep intellectual and spiritual conversations.” 

Nico, I’ve missed you. I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to spend more time with you while in Nice. My body had been calling my attention and in true Selene nature, I just kept going, going, going until I get sick. If there’s anything that I learned this time around, it’s that I need to learn to take better of myself. Being on the road alone, decreases your immune system’s ability to fight anything off – including a simple cold! My body’s teaching me so much as I continue to travel. Well, I won’t keep ranting on. I’ll save the rest of my thoughts for tomorrow. It’s time for me to sleep. Good night, Nico.”

Bonne nuit.”

That night Selene had a dream of a wolf and a dog. Though having different habitats and overall lifestyles, both belong to the same species.  In the dream, they appeared to be close – protective of each other. The dog had blue eyes and the wolf had yellow eyes. They stood upon a wet surface with a pink-green background staring at the dreamscape viewer: Selene.

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