Nine of Winds

San Francisco
Downtown San Francisco

“A situation that must be confronted. Troubled sleep or dreams. Past actions or occurrences that must be let go. Despair or disappointment.” Steve Lucas via Japaridze Tarot

She glided through the heavens as a midnight blue sky encroached upon the horizon. With glass wings she gracefully glided through twists and turns, unscathed; her flying apparatus, without broken glass. As the sky canvas expressed its full glory, she noticed a leafless tree obstructing the way forward. “I can fly around this.” She thought. With increased intensity, she used her full force to fly above the tree, only to realize that the further up she flew, the more it grew. “Perhaps, it’d be easier to fly around it.” She thought. She approached it from the left side – then, the right side, once again to realize that the tree would grow in which ever direction she decided to fly in. Defeated, she began to stall in the air. “I know! I can simply make my way to the grounded Earth and walk around the tree. I’ll have to walk through it.”  Intensely, she flew straight for the ground. Upon landing, she realized that one of her glass wings had a stress crack. She then stood up and examined her wings with deep sadness. “I suppose this will have to be fixed. For now, let me figure out a way to forge forward.”  The tree had massive roots; the smallest of its protruding roots towered her in height. She had never seen such a fantastic tree. Surrounding her, was a wealth of foliage, flora and fauna she had never taken the time to explore. In a moment’s time, she took it in, but decided to not allow herself to stay in a state of curiosity for too long, as she had other places to attend to. As she began to walk around the tree, its roots extended – laterally. When she attempted to try to walk around it from the other side, it also extended. Anger intensified as with all attempts to get around the tree were met with obstacles. Upon finding herself in a state of frenzied desperation, she sat down and angrily exclaimed: “I give in! Why can’t I move forward?!”  A flood of tears decorated her cheeks as she sat in the corner of an enchanting forest during the midnight hour. Soon thereafter, she heard rustling behind bushes accompanied by a soft growl. From afar, she saw what appeared as two piercing yellow almond slivers moving closer in her direction. “Greetings my dear, I’ve been expecting you.”  Startled, she was unable to speak in the presence of Panther. “I’ve been trying to gather your attention for quite some time, but you always seem to have rather important events taking place. Snake gave me a gift and told me to give it to you once we made an acquaintance. I told her I wasn’t too convinced that you’d actually ever cross paths with me, but Snake insisted – she was convinced.” Trembling in disbelief, she responded: “What exactly did Snake want me to have?” Panther remained silent. After some time, she answered: “She instructed me to keep my lips sealed until you made it to the other side of the tree.” Suddenly, her fear began to subside and an intense rage began to birth itself. “I have been trying to get around that tree all night! It won’t let me!” Panther chuckled. “I’ve heard that before. I’ve heard that Tree to be quite stubborn. Have you tried conversing with it?” In disbelief, she asked: “Talking to it?” Why would I do that? Why can’t I just peacefully continue on my path? Why must the tree make it difficult for me? And now that you tell me a gift awaits on the other side of here, my desire to move past it, has increased! Tell me the secret panther! I’m frustrated!” As she let out her irritation, Tree began to continue growing in all directions available to its roots and branches, further infuriating her. She became lost in the sensations of her dissatisfaction, so much so, that she didn’t realize Panther had walked away. Suddenly, she found herself alone, in an oddly bewitching forest in pure darkness. “Tree – I know this is crazy, but Panther told me to talk to you. It told me that in order to get to the other side we needed to have a conversation or something along those lines. I’m not sure why this is necessary, but I’m willing to try anything – I am trapped!” To her surprise, she heard a voice, though she couldn’t see whom it belonged to. ” Let it go. Let it go. To forge forward, let it go.” Unable to understand, she created a cocoon near one of the tree roots and with shattered wings, dozed away into the night. When she awakened, the sky was once again colored midnight blue. She looked around her surroundings and there was no tree, there was no panther, and no enchanting forest to walk through. As she stood in the middle of a starry sky decorated plane, bare and exposed,  she stumbled upon a jewelry casket. It was a small round-like red box with gold trimmings. When she opened it, she found a small feather. She placed it in the palm of her hands, and suddenly she had cherub wings upon her back. In the box, there was a note that read: “Sometimes in order to gain new wings, we must be willing to let go. Hope you slept peacefully. Your truly, *hiss*.” As she prepared herself for a new takeoff, a song played…”You can paint these wings and make me fly.” 

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