Almost is Never Enough

Englewood, Colorado – the Rocky Mountains in the backdrop


not quite; very nearly.

It had been the whirlwind of a time: Honolulu, San Juan, Baltimore, San Francisco. Upon landing in Denver, my body began to search for mountains. I’ve found that an easy way to feel grounded after constant travel, is to enter a mountain’s majesty, if available. Not long after meeting with a friend at the airport, I found myself on the highway with a enchanting backdrop. For the entirety of my time in the the Denver area, I was pulled, called, and seduced by the Rockies – they were almost in my reach. {Almost is Never Enough}

How long would it take me to reach them?” I  ask Nick, whom I had met in-person about twenty minutes prior, as I look on over to the passenger side . He has a distinctive hair cut, wears a leather jacket, and has a very particular and clear mode of expression.  He’s into punk rock, anything that will get his adrenaline rushing, and carries an expression of curiosity. Nick has lived in Denver all of his life. He replies, “About three hours.”  That night, per a previous commitment I head on down to Colorado Springs while the Rockies stay on my mind.

The next day, I conduct a site visit in Englewood, Colorado. I make my way to the highest point in a car garage, to snap the shot pictured above.  How do people even get any work done here? I think to myself. There’s so much to explore, see, do, experience.

The road from Denver to Boulder

After  day’s end I call Nick to see what he’s up to. He has to work that night, but we agree to go to Boulder prior to. The drive from Denver to Boulder is absolutely stunning. Surrounded by hills and a mountainous backdrop, suddenly makes me feel as if I were living in an adventure novel. Even though our hours are counted, I stop on the side of the road to capture the photograph displayed above. Shortly after, I close my eyes and taste some chilly Coloradoan air as the sun begins to set and dusk begins to arrive. For the rest of the drive, Nick and I converse. Nick reminds me of a former lover – a former “love of my life.”  As I drive, we partake in the kind of exchange that takes place when you’re trying to familiarize yourself with someone’s inner landscape by simply using words. The space we share becomes filled with curiosity, understanding, and luck. As the sun is near set, we arrive at Boulder. It’s a little chilly. The city oddly reminds me of Burlington, VT;  Brick covered street downtown, the kitschy shops, the bookstore. After some time, it’s time that Nick heads back in order to be in time for work.

Will you find your way back?, he asks.

“I will.” I respond.

I drop Nick off. I hug him good bye.

Though I felt a pull, a call, a whisper to the Rockies during the entirety of my time in Colorado, I did not set foot near their vicinity.

Almost is never enough.


occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs, or expectations

Next month, I’ll be returning to Colorado. This time my heart is set on making it about three hours away. 

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